About Us

Darshan Ceramics is a manufacturing company based in Morbi. Morbi is most promising ceramic tiles manufacturing hub of India. We manufactures different types of tiles and exports them to different countries.

Currently, we are manufacturing vitrified tiles. We are committed to do our best to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Our Founders had laid the foundation to cater to customers with affordable yet stylish and modern tiles for their homes, offices, and other premises.


To serve beyond customer satisfaction by providing premium quality products and services. Manufacturing and Exporting the optimum quality tiles and superseding in our covet domain and to become a leading name in the export industry.


To be the most the most effective, innovative and creative company and be known for the quality, leadership and professionalism both nationally and internationally.


We are committed to delivering aesthetically designed premium quality tiles manufactured using advanced technology. Our focus is on quality. We implement the strictest tests on our products and processes and we provide tiles that combine the tradition of ceramics with the latest cutting-edge developments.


We at Darshan Ceramics believe in being proactive rather than reactive. We are always proactive in our approach and try to bring the latest technologies in the market rather than being reactive to the competition and catching up with it at a later stage.
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